Our Company

Hello there! 84 Design Studio provides dynamic creative solutions for brand creation and development. With a breadth of knowledge across diverse graphic, design, and marketing verticals, we’re happy to be the ones who always give you what you need…visually, of course.

Our vision

You can trust us, because we know what we’re doing. Our team is fully equipped with the relevant experience and the dedicated craftsmanship needed to shape your brand’s content for any type of context. Be it logoed, commercial, or promotional projects – we’re ready, willing, and able to design your brand for success.

Our mission

We’re known to go above and beyond for our clients and that’s what makes us stand apart. Because 84 Design Studio does not just offer a slew of creative features and services, we provide a unique three-pronged creative program. For one, we can innovate engaging ways to visualize your concept and to shape your brand image. In addition, we can design appealing storytelling graphics that will resonate with your audience. We can analyze the results and then capitalize on our proven approaches. And finally, we can work closely with you on the artistic insights and the marketing strategies needed to optimize your brand.


Creative Consultation

Have a project in mind, and don’t know where to start? Let’s talk about it. From package design to a full creative campaign, we’ll help create the best solution.

Web Design

Whether its one page or several, we will create a fully responsive and engaging site for your audience.

Brand Design

You are more than just a name. So is your brand. We’ll work to create a compelling brand presence to help your business succeed. We don’t just create logos. We create brand experiences.

Social Media Management

Not a enough time to manage your social media channels? Or need help with setting them up? We got you covered.

Why choose us

There’s more to our ethos than the drive to build your brand for you: we also strive to mold the bricks with you. We’re proud to offer consultations for every project, from start to finish, along every step of the way. Whether you’re a one-man-show or a small business team, personal or professional, we’ve got your brand’s nature, nurture, and personality totally and completely covered.